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She teases John that he’ll have to marry her now

Brianna reconciles with her father and returns Lord John’s engagement ring

Later, Brianna tells Lord John that two riders were seen heading toward River Run and one appears to be Jamie Fraser, and they must not have found Roger. He tells her that Mr. MacKenzie might be behind her parents with her cousin Ian. He asks her to forgive Jamie, no matter what has happened, for her sake as well as his. Brianna says she already has and goes to tell him so.

She assures him that she will

Brianna goes into labor and Claire tells her it’s like baseball, long stretches of boredom with short intense periods of activity. Brianna says at least at baseball games you get to drink beer and eat hot dogs during the boring parts. Jamie offers to fetch ale and what is a hot dog. Claire explains that alcohol is not good for the baby, and a hot dog is like a sausage on roll, but Bree doesn’t want any. Jamie is uneasy with Brianna’s condition and goes to leave, but she demands he stay. She says he promised it would be okay, and as long as he’s there, she won’t die. Her mother assures her daughter she won’t die. With her parents with her, Brianna delivers a healthy baby boy.

Despite Jocasta’s protests, the Fraser family head back to Fraser’s Ridge to wait for Roger’s return or not, and they part company with Lord John on the road. Continue Reading “She teases John that he’ll have to marry her now”